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M Y  F A M I L Y عائلتي :

I would like thank my family for their all support and encouragement. I love you dad & mom *hugs* <3.



M Y   F R I E N D S  أصدقائي:


.. I can't imagine how the life without you .. I chose you to be my shadow ..



I like your spontaneous behaviors that lighten me many times.



"You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas

You raise me up, to more than I can be"

- by Josh Groban


You are the best person in my life, you are my guide when I'm lost .. Mrs.Huda believe me, everybody loves you .. everybody ..



Everything in your personality is charming. You're always make me feel better .. you are an amazing kitty ..


Ahmed El Bayed:

I don't know what I can do without your support, words, encouragement and trust .. special thanks to you.



I wont forget the words that you have said .. when I was broken one day.



For your big heart.




Also .. I will never forget these lines anymore .. because always shore me up when I'm frustrated:


"المصمم يتعلم التصميم فـيصمم
لكن المبدع يولد مبدع وهذا هو حالك"



"اللقاء مع ميشو صاحبة افضل تصميم لمدونة عربية"



"lovely design .. great work in general ... i'm so amazed , so proud of your work and mentality as well maybe cause it's the 1st blog for a Saudi female i see".



"المبدعون في الارض ، جمعية فضائية اقرب للمستحيل ، ومعك ارى انها اقتربت للحقيقة جدا..!!استمري جميلة ومتفردة
ورقيقة حتى الكرم!!"

-meshw 2


كل ما أدخل مدونتك أنبهر , مرة من واجهه رائعة فتارة من أيقونات كيوووت فتارة من أفكار غريبة لكن بفن راقي"...
ما شاء الله عليك ميشو الأبداع يجري فيك
فقط حلقي..."



"As for your websites, I think they reflect your personal style very well. You've got a technique and creativity that makes you different than a lot of other artists, and that's what makes your art special. If you want my advice, just keep doing what you're doing and people will respect you for working in your own style".  



"You have possibly the most creative sense in web design I have ever seen. Your layouts amaze me, and are very sophisticated."

- Cody


"I really thanks your parents because they bring you to life, how proud the should be!".

"I swear I'm Shocked ! WOW ! I'm really proud of you as an Arabian Gulf girl ! really can't explain my feelings, you are just an amazing desginer !".



"Congratulations on this work and for having chosen for these colors."



"Fabulous stuff. Love all of your artwork, and the site is functionally funky as well. Good Show!".

-Julian Smith


"مبدعه ؟؟ لا لا لستي مبدعه ؟؟ رائعه ؟؟ لا لا لستي رائعه ؟؟
انتي فنــــــــــــــانه رائعه مبدعه لا توصف انسانه ترفع راية الوطن والدين قبل كل شيء بفخوره بوجود مخلوقه كروعتك :-)".





people I should thank them too:


I was put a list here for awhile but I realized this page isn't enough to put ALL amazing people that still supporting me. THANK you very much ALL. and truly I mean it!

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